The Sierra Zelaya Family

The Sierra Zelaya Family: “I have a place to offer my daughters, a place where can come and relax”

Prior to 2001, Reina and her husband José, were living with their four children in a small home made of sticks and mud on a property owned by Jose´s parents. In 2001 a devasting earthquake struck and severely cracked the walls of their home, making it uninhabitable. They had no other option but to move into the two rooms adjacent to the family-owned variety store were they worked in the center of Berlin. With very few possessions, the six of them were obligated to sleep on the floor in the same room.

Years down the road, their two oldest children got married and started homes of their own. Even though this created more space for the remaining four, it was still not nearly adequate enough. Four years ago, Reina saw a Habitat tent in the central park of Berlin and was curious to find out about how to apply for a home. Just last year with the help of their youngest daughter Odalis, they were able to apply and have it credited to her name.

Reina is thrilled with the home! She says that it is a place to relax because it is outside the town center and much more peaceful. There is a decent yard surrounding the home, where she has planted roses and an orange tree. She says that having this space has helped unite her family because on the weekends when her daughters come home from working in the city, they grill out in the front yard. They now have a place where they can all get together!

She feels so blessed to have had the help of the team from HFH of Greater Cincinnati. “May God bless them and may they continue to work hard in this great service they provide for humanity!”



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