The Cortez Medran Family

The Cortez Medran Family: “It was time that we had something of our own”

Maria and her husband Ricardo had raised their three children: Antonieta, Yoselin and Erik in a small home in the center of the town of San Buenaventura in the department of Usulután. This central location helped Maria start a small business selling snacks and frozen treats, like chocolate-covered bananas and popsicles. Yoselin also used the location to her advantage to open up a hair salon. The house, however, had the disadvantage of being made out of sticks and mud and having a tile roof. They were constantly worried that water would seep into the home when it rained, whether from the run-off from the road or from leaks in the roof. While it was lent to them at no cost by a friend, they were anxious to have a home of their own that would provide a more secure future for their family.

Working at the mayor´s office in San Buenaventura, Ricardo came to know Habitat. He, in fact, was the liason between Habitat and the families interested in applying for a home. When he was assigned this responsibility, little did he know that down the road, he too would be applying for one. Not having a deed to a piece of property, Ricardo and Maria solicited the help of Habitat to both buy a piece of property on the outskirts of town and to build the house. The construction was completed in May of 2015.

Now, after a year of living in the home, they are enjoying the tranquility of being better protected from the heavy rains that hit El Salvador each year. Yoselin was also able to adequate the front part of the living room to be her beauty salon and has had no trouble keeping all of her previous clients. Maria also continues to sell treats from her kitchen to bring some extra income into the house. They have also already began to make it more their own, building on an additional bedroom to better fit the needs of their grown children. They have also planted some trees out front, which they decorated for Christmas. These are all personal touches that make a house a home.
They are very grateful to the international volunteers that came to help them make this dream a reality. Maria remembers how affectionate they were, the friendship they made with her son Erik, and enjoying lunches on her neighbor´s outdoor porch. “We will always remember each one of their faces. We had a great time with them.”


  • El esposo de Elsy y sus dos hijos pasaron dos semanas viviendo con un amigo. Después, ellos y otra familia decidieron alquilar juntos una pequeña casa. Elsy y su familia estaban muy emocionados cuando supieron que participarían en el proyecto Brisas de Jiboa y ahora cuentan con una nueva casa.

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